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Should Sex Be Taught In Public High Schools?


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Should Sex Be Taught In Public High Schools?

Should Sex Be Taught In Public High Schools?

argue that sex education should be taught in public schools in high school when the children are mature enough to learn about it and are starting to engage in these actives. all sources should be credible and trustworthy, no wikipedia or google searches. Use academic databases to find sources such as j-stor, abc-clio, academic search complete, etc.
Name:Course:Instructor:Date: 7th March, 2013Should Sex Be Taught In Public High SchoolsI am going to addresses the issues whether sex should be taught in public school or whether it should not be taught. The intended audience for this discussion is my professor, classmates and school administrators. This is because these are the people who can bring about the necessary change in the lives of the teenagers and the school systems. The issue of sexuality is challenging to deal with especially with the teenagers who are mostly in high schools. However, in most cases the public high schools shy off from addressing this captivating issue with the young people yet it is a reality in life that they have to face and the decisions they make will affect their future life. Most of the teenagers in high school are unaware of the issues to do with sexuality yet at this age of adolescence development, they experience changes on their physical and psychological being. In other cases they are expected to make decisions to do with the acts of sex yet they are so illiterate or uninformed on such issues. The teenagers will have the opportunity to learn on the dangers of sex such as pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and the possible ways to avoid such dangers as well as various birth control methods. GruenbergLamannaTherefore, it is vital to teach sex in public high schools because at this age the teenagers are going through physical and psychological changes that may provoke them to engage in sexual activities, hence it is important if they would be aware of the dangers and the possible ways in which they can prevent ...

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