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Should English Be the Law


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Should English Be the Law

Should English Be the Law

After reviewing Kings’ Essay Should English Be the Law, I am of the opinion that there is need to embrace English as the national language in the US. According to King, various individuals have noted the controversies that surround the act of choosing a national language and I would admit that opting for English might cause chaos in the short run, but in the end, it will allow individuals to have some common bond based on language. In one of the comments that King puts forward, he notes of the existence of an intertwine between language and nationalism (King Para 19). In explaining his view, he observes that even though nations may go through various forms of revolution just as in the case of France, the existence of a common language allows the communities in that country to have a common cultural identification.

King raises the concern about immigration as a factor towards which communities should learn a common language. According to King (Para 5), US has various communities moving to different places, and the lack of a common language only serves to curtail individual development. Choosing to embrace a common language does not mean that an individual or a community will not survive. In fact, as Kings notes it will be a way to appreciate the diversities of the different communities just as it visible in the case of India and Switzerland (King Para 10). While a new bill, regarding the use of English language may not succeed due to the preconceived thought that it will be alienating the Hispanics; English will allow each of the community to recognize their identity and to realize why they are special.

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