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Should business maximize financial profits?


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Should business maximize financial profits?

Should business maximize financial profits?

it`s an argumentative essay. the essay would be of approximately 1000 words. the paper should be written in standard size fonts and margins. the essay has to have a thesis statement located in the first page.Before the first page is finished, the reader should know my position, what `m going to talk about, and what the structure of the paper is. Failure in this account would cost me 6 point drop from the overall grade for each item. Don`t use "Running-start" doing so will result 6 point drop from the overall grade as well. to citation the resources may you please use a footnote. For all prompts, please be sure to explain everything necessary for understanding the paper, assuming an educated audience, but not necessarily assuming the reader knows everything surrounding the issue. Notice, the first two prompts will require reference to the readings.
Should business maximize financial profits?The finance department of every company must strive to increase profit for the company to the highest attainable level both in long term and short term. This department must also stretch the shareholder`s wealth to the highest value possible as the company`s performance is also affected by the market value of the shares (Thrun, 2003). The finance department must make proper use of the available finance as well make smart financial decisions. Economic theory has traditionally suggested profit maximization as the single most important reason for establishment of businesses in the short term (Shim & Siegel, 2008). The theory advocates for firms to strive to get the most profit for sustenance reasons. In this regard, it is essential for firms to generate adequate profit for their long term survival in varying business conditions including effects resulting from competition. Profits motivate businesses to continue their operations as well as becoming more aggressive to attain the most profit possible. Firms favour profit maximization because the revenue generated thereof is used to further other business goals. Every business requires maximizing its management functions, growth and sales capacity and this is only possible where profit is maximized. Another reason is because it is used to ascertain the efficiency and feasibility of the business. Managers may use this criterion to measure the efficiency of the company. In other cases, profit maximization is used to predict about the trend and behaviour of the business. Profit maximization also improves the social status of all the people affected by the business either directly or indirectly. When businesses focus on making maximum profits, the revenue generated is used to pay for payments such as labour which in turn positively affect the economy and social aspects of the particular setting.Firms that focus on maximum profitability usually do so at the expense of profitability in the long run...

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