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SEM for Fresh Direct


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SEM for Fresh Direct

SEM for Fresh Direct

Presently, numerous retailers are migrating to the internet with the hope of picking up free-sales while enjoying reduced costs on the current infrastructure. Fresh Direct Inc., an online grocery delivery service operates on-line utilizing online paid ads to reach its growing customer base in New York. The company’s core mission is to transform their customers’ lives by offering them an advanced online shopping experience. A look at the Fresh Direct ads shows the need to improve and be more appealing. Below are some of the improvements that can be made on the ads.
1. Ad Clutter – Since the early internet days, banner ads have been embedded on every webpage and on whatever space they can be squeezed in. By de-cluttering the ad, it stands out and becomes more visible.
2. Customer perspective – Occasionally, advertisers are too close to their company to understand how customers view the products being advertised. FreshDirect Inc., for instance, should use a language that communicates the products to the customers in an attractive way. In addition, to the consumer language.
3. Color scheme – in order to capture the attention of their customers, FreshDirect should use more colorful ads as opposed to the dull brown garden images.
4. Strategic ads – FreshDirect should further consider how the reader moves his/her eyes from left to right and top to bottom and incorporate it in the ad’s flow to optimize effectiveness.
5. Attention getters – FreshDirect should consider the creative use of white space, color, art/illustration to draw attention to the Ad. Readers often choose to read colorful ads that draw them within seconds. They do not go looking for ads, thus, the more colorful the ad, the more it stands out and the more the chances of being read.
The following ad samples capture the changes discussed above as well as incorporate the intended marketing purpose.

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