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Scientific method project


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Scientific method project

Scientific method project

there will be a 8 page instruction i would like a chart or graft
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Effects of Phone Radiations on the Unborn Children Problem statement Phone have become a part of our daily live, through which we can connect with customers, workmates and the family members. For the average American, it is really difficult to stay for a whole day without interacting with these gadgets; some people even develop some kind of condition when they are away from them for too long. To the unborn children the radiations that come from the phones can affect their health. Radiation levels of up to 5 rad are lethal to the embryos. Background In the past, there have been studies trying to find out the effects of the radiations that he mobile phone emit, as one takes or receives calls. Very few studies have been carried out on the effect that these radiation have on the embryos as the pregnant mothers use these phones on a regular basis. For all the phone manufactures they are required by the law to limit the amount of radiation that any one gadget can radiate per unit time. These levels are supposed to be observed as they reduce the effects of the radiat...

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