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School of Histories, Languages and Cultures


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School of Histories, Languages and Cultures

SubjectSchool of Histories, Languages and Cultures


Assessed Essay/ Project

The title of the 2,500 word project is:

‘Explore the presentation of a language topic (e.g. conditionals, articles, linking words) in materials developed for a particular level (e.g. Beginner, Upper-intermediate) of learner. How have the designers dealt with the topic in terms of selecting and simplifying its description for learners? ‘ 

Assignment Content

The assignment will include: 


  • A clear statement of your selected language topic. Examples might be:
    • The ‘present perfect’
    • Modal verbs
    • Conditionals
    • The article system
    • Connecting words
    • Nominalisation
    • Quantifiers such as some/ any

Explain in the introduction why you have chosen this topic and how it might be relevant to you as a teacher and/ or learner.

  • An overview of the whole language topic, referring to the literature (e.g. Crystal, Swan, McCarthy) on the issue. Identify similarities and differences in the way that different authors handle the area.
  • Some commentary describing how this language issue has been presented to learners in student-facing materials. These should include contemporary textbooks (Headway, Cutting Edge) and/or grammar practice books (e.g. Murphy’s English Language in Use ). Ideally, you will also be able to refer to local materials.  Comment on how the issues surrounding this topic have been selected and simplified for presentation to learners.
  • Where possible, critically evaluate the designers’ decisions in terms of how they have presented the language to learners. 

Layout, Organisation and References   Note that, as with any academic work, you are expected to show your familiarity with published academic work on the subject, including your textbooks and other relevant material and acknowledge ideas and quotations using standard referencing format.

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