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Scholarship Essay


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Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay


Graduated High school in 2010 as the ASB president. worked ever since 16 years old to help support family. Leadership skills from being in the ASB and overseeing an ASB Class of over 40 students. Successfully recovered from an Alcohol treatment program and now I live a clean sober life. Now I am back in college and trying to pursue a career helping other suffering addicts to give back to my communities.

Scholarship essayStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:My name is Cesar Eduardo Cortes. From September 2005 through June 2010, I was a student at Castle Park Senior High School, and was at Southwestern Community College General Education from August 2010 through June 2012. My academic aspirations comprise obtaining a bachelor’s degree in whichever health or biological science that would help me to pursue a medical vocation as a physician. Conversely, my vocational vision is to be able to offer inexpensive healthcare to communities that are marginalized in the United States. Nonetheless, I am convinced that if I do not finish my university degree course I would not have the chance of attaining my career objectives. I am determined that I must achieve a career as a physician primarily because my passion has always been helping other people and striving to enhance the quality of their lives. Thus, I believe that to pursue such a profession would give me the chance of helping to improve the health quality conditions of the community and get to learn about their medical requirement...

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