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Scholarship application


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Scholarship application

Scholarship application


Need an essay for scholarship: Write a typed two-page double space essay explaining your personal history, why you choose TCI(Technical College Institute in NEW YORK, NY) and information related to your financial needs. I am currently enrolled at TCI, every semester the school gives scholarships, one of the requirement is to write an essay explaining your situation and why you need a scholarship, you have to have the gpa , be enrolled in one of the club activities etc..I am enrolled at ASHRAE and drawing club. I am single, no kids. I am currently enrolled in HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning. I am 51 years old..not working right now..You can make up some things, the importance is how you write the essay..


[date] [Administrator] Technical College Institute in New York [Address of TCI] Dear [last name of Administrator]: First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful education I am receiving right now. I know that it is through your hard work and dedication to provide the best working environment for my [professors] that has enabled them to walk their days with meaning and purpose. The joy that our teachers have for their profession has given me the drive to continue what I have started. As such, I a


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