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Sampling Critique


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Sampling Critique

Sampling Critique

Instructions 1. Write APA style paper, using the "Critiquing Criteria: Sample". Provide for a discussion that is inclusive of all of the questions within each of the major question. 2.PLEASE PROVIDE HEADINGS. No less than 3 sentences per paragraph please. 3. I`m looking for a discussion--not just "yes-no" responses and no lists . 4. Do not include the questions--just provide the answers to the question in discussion format so the paper flows. 5. No more than 3 pages long (the shorter the better)--not including title page and reference page. Getting your ideas in a logical order, not being too wordy and staying on point is key. ALWAYS WRITE IN ACTIVE VOICE NOT PASSIVE. 6.INCLUDE A CONCLUSION. I want to ultimately know if this could be used this in nursing practice and why. 8. Please do not use "it", "they" , "he" "she" and other pronouns. In addition do not use "Prove", "Proven", "Proved". Also please do not use " patients" use "subjects" instead 9. Page numbers are needed when citing any exact numbers. 10. Use TIMES NEW ROMAN and 12pt font. No direct quotes.
CRITIQUE PAPERCRITIQUEING SAMPLING CRITERIAA STUDY OF ANTIBIOTIC PROPHYLAXIS IN CARDIAC SURGERYName:Course Title:Professor:Institution:Date Due: Sample Characteristics and Sample CriteriaThere are several aspects in the sample characteristics, which were not fully described. The study only described the mean age of respondents leaving important aspects such as gender, general health condition of the patient, part of the body infected as well as blood group. Given that the parameters that were not taken into account were important, making of inferences from the description of the sample would be grossly inadequate. Sampling criteria was somehow appropriate and therefore it can be concluded that it was largely a representative of...

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