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Safeguarding children and how it affects their mental health


  • Post Date 2018-11-05T11:02:56+00:00
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Safeguarding children and how it affects their mental health

 The assignment is a research proposal, written in a report format which will be used in preparation for your dissertation. 
• The topic chosen must be relevant for health and social care
• There should be a clear rationale for the choice, with background detail, such as policy.
• You will show an overview of the literature you have searched, with an initial critical overview of findings; including consideration of further literature to be examined. 
• The proposal should contain the following: Aims of the study / background or context of the study / an outline of choices of methodology and methods / including an overview of different approaches such as qualitative and quantitative / an outline of the literature review process and brief account of the findings / an account research ethics and importance for health and social care. 
• An appendix should be included which show an table with the literature reviewed, a completed ethics form, any research tools / letters of consent 
• A plan of how you will use the time to complete your dissertation will also be beneficial

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