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Risk, Uncertainty and the semen analysis process

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Risk, Uncertainty and the semen analysis process

Risk, Uncertainty and the semen analysis process

As you will have learned the assessment of male fertility is not a precise science and can be associated with a high level of ‘uncertainty’ if not performed properly. Given that the result can be influenced by error which may occur at any step of the process from: sample collection through to reporting of the test result, explain (in no more than 1500 words) what type of errors are likely, what controls you might implement to reduce the level of ‘uncertainty’ and what are the risks associated with not providing adequate control.

So, the prof.want to write lab report but it is not in what doing in the lab, he want Reflective Learning Exercisehe want to focus on the risk and uncertainty in the semen analysis process and he want to use publications from other authors to get a balanced viewpoint.

The error can occur within the semen analysis process contributing to the overall uncertainty relating to any semen parameter.

  • 1) Specimen collection (patient I.D./ collection method/container toxicity/ delay to analysis)
  • 2) Concentration (counting chamber/procedure/homogeneity/sampling error/training – experience/ multiple operators)
  • 3) Motility (subjective / procedure/ temperature/ homogeneity / sampling error/ training – experience/ multiple operators)
  • 4) Morphology(subjective/ classification error/ homogeneity/ sampling error /training – experience/ multiple operators)

1+2+3+4= reporting (transcription error interpretation =>overall uncertainty

Type of Sources of uncertainty:

  • Sources of uncertainty – pre-examination
  • Sources of uncertainty – examination process


Instruction from me

We take 4 practical sessions in the semen analysis process:

Day 1: sperm motility and sperm vitality.

Day 2: estimating sperm concentration and assessing morphology.

Day 3: sperm preparation using:

  1. Density gradient
  2. Direct swim-up

Day 4: sperm cryopreservation.

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Risk, Uncertainty and the semen analysis process Risk, Uncertainty and the semen analysis process
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