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Reviewing the tailor of Gloucester

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Reviewing the tailor of Gloucester

Here, by reviewing the tailor of Gloucester, you are required to answer the below mentioned questions clearly and appropriately.

Reviewing the tailor of Gloucester

in children story which is the tailor of Gloucester write titles, authors, and publication dates of your group’s books protagonists names gender if evident
for each major character
how do you know what this character’s gender category is ? what symbols or derail reveal it ?
what social roles does this character play (son, daughter, teacher,dad construction, worker, etc.)?
is this character mostly active or passive?
would you describe this character as a central actor or supporting actor in the story ?
for the whole book,
does the story seem to have a moral or several morals ? what are they ?
Overall, Would you say that this book supports traditional gender roles, or is netutral with gender equality? how specifically ? include empirical evidence for your statement.
for the set of books in your group
Do you see patterns in the way characters of different genders are drawn in these books ?
part 2
data analysis double space write up simply summarize the most important patterns you see in the data. in the second part of your paper , offer an analysisi. in your analysis ( which should be at least a page long ) you may consider some or all of these Q
was thee anything about these patterns that surprise you ? what had you expected ?
why do you think theses patterns were present in the data ?
what do you think motivatws a children’d book author or artist to create work that fits these patterns ?
what effect, if any , do you think gender portrayals in picture books might have on actual children ?
how might these books fit into the 3-level model of gender we discussed in class ?
if you were choosing a book for your own niece or nephew, would you be happy with the messages in these books / why / why not?


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Reviewing the tailor of Gloucester Reviewing the tailor of Gloucester
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