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[Solved] Review of Logical fallacies

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[Solved] Review of Logical fallacies

review of Logical fallacies (Fallacy)

Read Chapter 5 in Everything is an Argument by andrea a. Lunsford and John j. ruszkiewics

Logical fallacies are something we should avoid our academic writing, but in political advertising and political speech they are common and often effective ways to skew an argument, distract, or refocus the issue.

Identify any fallacies (Fallacy) of argument in your ad, or any arguments that you suspect might be logical fallacies. Explain how the example is a logical fallacy, and if you think the logical fallacy is effective or not effective in your ad. If you feel your ad doesn’t use any logical fallacies, write about one that does.

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[Solved] Review of Logical fallacies [Solved] Review of Logical fallacies
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