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Review about visit the LACMA (or Museum of Jurassic Technology)


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Review about visit the LACMA (or Museum of Jurassic Technology)

Review about visit the LACMA (or Museum of Jurassic Technology)

Write a review after visit the one of the museums that listed below.( only one of them) 1. LACMA-5905 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 www.lacma.org/ 2. Museum of Jurassic Technology-9341 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90232 www.mjt.org/
Museum Of Jurassic Technology ReviewNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of submission IntroductionThe museum of Jurassic technology is located in Culver City California, and it is filled with objects that disorient much as they delight. The name of the museum sounds contradictory, as there are no resolutions to what it confines within. The origin of the museum traces back to the genres of “tawdry and specious` collections of the 19th century, which features objects of the natural and historical peculiarities. There is a varying degree to what the audiences are in to, as the curiosity in technology in the museum pose questions, which vary from eccentric carvings on the match heads to non contextual dioramas and drawings. In addition to curiously preserved flora and fauna together with other unusual contraptions, and their purposes raise questions more than they are answered. The exhibits in this museum feature the artifacts and relics, which are from the lower Jurassic period, and therefore, they fulfill the theme of the museum, as the exhibits are professionally sound and dubious at the same time. The museum has showcases of modeled Noah`s ark, the microscopes which supposedly accidentally shattered the specimen dish, a fruit pit curved with image of crucifixion mounted on the wall, and a kind of horn that is said to have grown from the back of a woman`s head. A day in the museum is an experience of fact-meet-fiction showcase of odd and ends, where the historical knowledge has been mixed with fantastic musings. The museum is a bizarre world where lies changes to truth, and reality often questioned with false information elaborately imagined without the concern of it being real or not.The peculiarity of the museum`s name, the dim lighting, and domestic interiors make it become a museum in which, the displays leads to conceptual light in the gallery of the cosmonaut dog that was sent into space by the Russians in the 1950s. The gallery is devoted to the early 20th century communications that were used by astronomers at the Mount Wilson observatory. There is the effect of var...

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