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Research report


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Research report

Research report

I need a research report for the paper that I ordered #00021248 the research report needs to basically choose 2-3 sources that are used for the paper and explain what has been found and how it helps the paper
Name University Course Tutor Date Research ReportPrentis, Eric L. “Early Evidence on US Stock Market Efficiency: Market vs. State Debate and Deregulation Implications.” Economics and Finance Review Vol.2, No.8, pp.23-34, 2012 OctThis article seeks to determine whether stocks markets can operate efficiently without the government regulation. It narrows down on the U.S. financial or stock markets and examines to establish whether the stock markets operated with efficiency during the late 19th and early 20th without government regulation. The neo-liberal economists believe that capital markets efficiency increases the efficiency of the market. The article also looks at some of the assumptions of an efficient market and explains why some of the existing research studies supporting efficient markets are mistaken. The article also discusses the role of the market and the state, market manipulation, deregulation and political action. Finally, it proposes some solutions to the 2008 financial crisis and economic meltdown. This paper is very essential for the research to about the contribution of the deregulation of the U.S. financial market to the financial crisis. The study indicates that efficient free market is not is not easy to obtain under deregulated environment and that market deregulation takes the US economy in the wrong direction. This paper forms part of the research to be carried out concerning the topic selected. Snyder, Tri...

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