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Research paper on guilt and punishment


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Research paper on guilt and punishment

Research paper on guilt and punishment

I want research paper on guilt and punishment. In class, we watched movies and read books all have to do with the theme of guilt and punishment. For example: movies "Mean Creek" by Jacob Aaron, "The Reader" by Stephen Daldry, "Dead Man Walking" by Tim Robbins; and books "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink, "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. I want strong introduction and conclusion. Also organized paragraphs and clear transitions between paragraphs.
Revenge must be accomplishedName:Course:Professor Name:(November, 2012).Revenge must be accomplishedIt is so discouraging; the problem of guilt has a result of violence. Hurting and hurting people. The motivation been revenge and betrayal , this is not because human beings are naturally evil but because the idea of setting scores for survival is one of the mechanism in our today complex social society. The desire to revenge is as old as mankind and to understand is well we need to understand its root course. Remember Cain had to kill his brother for revenge! Revenge is not in men alone but even in all other primates. The difference man is hunted by guilty after an action (Roman, 2005).Any behavior that goes against cooperation towards survival in a chimpanzee`s community is regarded as betrayal and has to be punished. Peers in a chimpanzees community expect honesty and when not practiced a disciplinary anger is implemented towards the offender. The same character can be trace within human history. The desire to revenge is an evolved character out of human desire to have justice. Therefore, the need for justice can be twisted to fit the needs of a certain community or society (Roman, 2005).If we hope to understand and have a clue unto why people act violently towards others and themselves then we need to examine roots of betrayal and revenge among different characters in different books and movies. We need also to understand guilty and punishment as a result of revenge and betrayal among the characters. This will give us the correct way to deal with guilty or how we should punish. This paper will examine the following movies and books: movies "Mean Creek" by Jacob Aaron, "The Reader" by Stephen Daldry, "Dead Man Walking" by Tim Robbins; and books "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink, "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. The paper will also give a personal argument concerning guilty, revenge, betrayal and punishment.The desire to revenge is very strong and overwhelming but our intuitive logic about it often dangerous. It is an act in humanity that aims at changing shame into pride. Many traditions, governments and societies have ways of dealing with this issue but mostly they give unsatisfactory hence leading to more violence (Butler, 2004).In the cold blood by Truman Capote, the act of revenge is clearly demonstrated by the Truman Capote desire to look unto the killers of the family of Kansas. Out of his desire to revenge Truman Capote was able to have one of the mostly known stories. He is determined to ensure the killers, Richard Hickok and Perry Smith dearly pays for their action. Nothing will stop him in using any canning method to ensure his desire, revenge, is accomplished.It is well show how he took advantage of Perry through a relationship he technically build to retrieve secrets from him. One wonders did Truman really empathize with the captives? If yes, why did he stop visiting them after he had what he wanted; the information. Sincerely, ta...

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