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Research essay on Torture


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Research essay on Torture

Research essay on Torture

Read the following article: Levin, Michael "The Case for Torture." The Norton Reader. Ed. Linda H. Peterson and John C. Brereton. 12th ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 2008. pg.689-691 Compose an argument based on Levin`s article, that relates to the ethical or unethical use of torture. (If you have trouble starting, you might begin by summarizing Levin`s argument in your introduction, then proposing a counterclaim to Levin that either agrees with what he says with some difference, disagrees with reasons, or makes a concession to Levin while holding a contrary position.) This research essay must include: 1. An introductory paragraph that locates your argument within your primary source and that ends in a specific primary claim -a thesis statement-that contextualizes your argument 2. A serious of body paragraphs that examine BOTH supporting arguments and counterarguments to your primary claim. These arguments must derive from your primary source and several secondary sources, which must include at least: Articles from any following scholarly journal, newspaper, or magazine or book. 3. A conclusion that redefines your claim considering the other arguments you have researched and that explains its relevance or significance
Name: Instructor`s name: Course: Date: The Case for Torture Introduction This essay is an analysis on Levin`s article about the case of torture which majorly communicates that employing torture is important and justifiable at times mostly when it helps to protect many lives especially those that are innocent. In the example Michael Levin gives in his article “The Case for Torture”, he disagrees that the collective assassination of millions of guiltless citizens by a fanatic gives a good reason for the exercise of torture to bring such a tremendous barbaric action to an end. Without a doubt this is a subject of ethics on the deed of imposing pain. Taking for instance a research on the state of affairs of a conflict, at no point in time can it be said that it is unethical to free soldiers to exterminate or cause pain on the opponents in a battle since it is clear that it is the single approach to defend the sovereignty of the country and the life of citizens (Bagaric & Clarke 67). Topical argument on the subject of torture and cross-examination has laid focus on prescribed views in the office of authorized advocate for the duration of the administration by Bush. Interpreting the anti torture order scarcely; these views upheld replicated drowning, agonizing stress positions, comprehensive segregation, and condemning detainees into specially constructed walls, among other methods. These methods according to many constitute illegal torture, (Dreadful). The Controversy Framew...

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