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Research Critique: The impact of clinical encounters on student nurses


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Research Critique: The impact of clinical encounters on student nurses

Research Critique: The impact of clinical encounters on student nurses

i want the paper to be write exactly like the sample i attached and only uses the article i attached. thank you so much The impact of clinical encounters on student nurses
The impact of clinical encounters on student nurses` Name:Institution:Course:Date:THE RESEARCH CRITIQUE Descriptive vividnessThe purpose and focus of the study was clearly stated as the nurses` clinical experiences. Its importance was indicated by the statement that through the students` ability to identify the challenges of the profession they would stand in a better position to assist the patients. Further it would be possible to enhance the nursing profession through the experiences in the practical learning. The objective of the study was brought out clearly as intended to examine the experiences of the nursing students in their clinical learning. The study`s focus was on the challenges that cause stress in the nursing profession leading to burnouts and dropouts from the profession. Throughout the study the interpretations were clear and were more descriptive.Documentation of participantsThe participants were described broadly. The study had twenty four students pursuing nursing with 94% being females and the other 6% being male. The recruiting of the participants was fairly conducted through advertisements in order to attract the willing participants in the study. The students in the second year were already in their clinical learning while the senior students were through with their clinical studies. The fact that the participants were from different colleges and in different levels of nursing, was reasonable to examine the students` anxiety and experiences. The frame work (phenomenological-hermeneutical) and the location (Scandinavian) of the study were quite appropriate in the application of the study resultsMethodological congruenceData collection procedures and the assumptions of the study were congruent. The researcher had the trust of the participants because they had volunteered and had signed a consent that allowed them to leave the study group at their will. The research questions were designed to explore the participant`s perceptions, knowledge, beliefs and their intention of joining the profession. In addition the researcher had described the data collection adequately by the mention of the languages used and the use of the voice recording during interviews. Through the interviews, the researcher spent enough time interacting with the participants. The use of the same set of questions was significant in obtaining relevant results in het study. The study di...

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