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Religious Diversity in the United States


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Religious Diversity in the United States

Religious Diversity in the United States

III. BODY (Remember to include the citations within the body of the paper.)
A. Accessibility of diversity-related material
1.      Direct link
2.      Search results
3.      Primary dimensions
4.      Secondary dimensions
B.  Usefulness of the diversity information
1.     Potential employees
2.     Potential customers
3.     Potential suppliers
4.     Relationship to values and mission
5.     Timeliness of information
C.  Appropriateness of the photographs and graphic material
1.     Primary dimensions
2.     Secondary dimensions
3.     Relationship to text
4.     Reuse of graphics
D. Perspectives
1.     Potential employee
2.     Potential customer
3.     Potential supplier or subcontractor
E.  Internal management issues
F.   Diversity awards
            1.        Criteria and selection process
            2.        Sponsoring organization

Religious Diversity in the United States Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Topic: Religious Diversity in the United States The proposed research will seek to examine the subject of religious diversity in America. This particular topic would be examined extensively considering that there is limited research on it. Introduction This section of the research paper will basically introduce the topic being investigated in the research. It would be stated in this section that religion in America is typified by both an extensive assortment in religious practices and beliefs and by a high level of adherence. America is indeed a religiously diverse nation. To most American people, religion plays an essential role in their lives. A lot of religions flourish in America, including faiths that span the United States’ multicultural heritage, in addition to those faiths that were founded within America. As a result, Am


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