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Relate the project to the workings of the industry.

Relate the project to the workings of the industry.

In this paper, you are to illustrate planning and feasibility for chosen project with proof of its implementation and investigation methods, and relate it to the workings of the industry. Furthermore, demonstrate academic researching techniques and methodology, and evaluate the findings of the project. Finally, produce a final dissertation under appropriate format and terminology.

Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrate planning and feasibility study for the chosen project with evidence of its implementation and investigation methods.
  • Relate the project to the workings of the industry.
  • Demonstrate academic researching techniques and methodology
  • Critically evaluate the findings of the project
  • Produce a final dissertation using appropriate format and terminology.


Assignment Brief

Poster presentation (10%)

Each student needs to produce an A2 displaying board to present the key points of his/her dissertation project, including:

-      A clear title to represent a feasible and practical research project

-      Author

-      Crucial and fundamental knowledge background and literature review directly relevant to your research focus, and the research problem(s) /question(s) addressed from your literature review

-      Your research aim

-      Your research methods

-      Your research data collection

-      Your data analysis & findings

-      Your research conclusions



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