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Do Not put Literature and Language on the paper - please Give a Recomendations for each one of these separate A- B- C-D No APA Or Source Please no APA or Source Mothers Against Childhood Obesity (MACO) recommendations A. Penalties and fines on parents who have obese children B. Mandatory nutritional class for caregivers and parents. C. Education on nutrition for K-12. D. Healthier school lunches.
Mothers Against Childhood Obesity (MACO) recommendationsThe nutritional status of children depends entirely on their parents and guardians. These dependants should have nutritional knowledge to avoid predisposing children to obesity. Penalties and fines on parents who have obese children There are so many recommendations towards addressing the issue of obese children extending to taking them away from their parents and placing them in foster homes as this would save their lives. Fining parents whose children are obese might make them to be more careful on how their children feed to avoid paying fines. Imposing a health insurance is another recommendation towards f...

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