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Readmission Essay


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Readmission Essay

Readmission Essay


Hi all, I`m a student who got dismissed from school due to academic purposes ( lower grades) in engineering field. I took a year and half off the school and had job until the summer time. i`m now asking to return back to school with a different major, which is a BA in health science. Since I had hard time dealing with the engineering courses, I`m considering a bit easier and flexible choice. Also, my family lives in the same city as the university, and I wanted to stay closer to them. * required : explain the situation, and add positive impacts and attributions. Thank you, Moe

(Insert full name)(Insert school ID Number/ admission number)(Insert the date of submission)(Signature)This letter is to appeal for reinstatement into the university of (insert the name of the institution) following an academic suspension over the last eighteen months. I would like to change my major from electrical engineering to a bachelors of arts in health science. I would appreciate my readmission into the institution to allow me to complete my course. I will not craft excuse...

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