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Reading presentation


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Reading presentation

Reading presentation

This will be a reading presentation. Teela Sanders (2005) "Researching the Online Sex Work Community." In C. Hine (ed.) Virtual methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet; briefly summarize the reading; · highlight what you felt were the key issues that it raised; · comment on the significance of the topic, and whether you agreed or disagreed with the way it was presented, and why
Reading presentationNameLecturerUniversityCourseDateSex work has now been an established area of study such as male sex work, adult entertainment premises, exotic dancing and male clients. Despite of the emerging trends in study of sex work it is still problematic to get information regardless of the openness of the topic. This topic has certain characteristics hence making the research into it complicated and dangerous, for example getting information about this topic is sensitive due to the stigmatised nature of the work. Research is also compromised by the emotions of the researcher before going for the interview due to fear of the unknown for the characters. The research that am summarising is about pay for sex which commenced on September 2006.It clearly shows the emotions of the researcher with the interactions of the participants.Researching sex has been fraught with challenges due to the perceived dangerousness and stigma of participants and the hindrances in reaching hidden population. Grounded in the lived experiences of 55 women operating in a range of settings (from saunas, escort agencies and streets to private flats) in the city of Birmingham, this fascinating study offers a real insight into the more empirically significant sectors of the sex industry. Avoiding what Weitzer calls ‘gratuitous moralizing` (2000: 6), a tendency all too common in this field, and in keeping with a tradition of sound ethnographic practice, Sanders looks beyond the ascription of deviancy to uncover the more normative and routine elements of sex-work culture. In providing an empirically detailed yet analytically nuanced account of the organizational features of commercial sex this work complements an already ric...

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