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[Solved] QUIZ 3 Conforming or Nonconforming?

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[Solved] QUIZ 3 Conforming or Nonconforming?

QUIZ 3 Conforming or Nonconforming?



QUIZ 3Conforming or Nonconforming? Is there a nonconformance? YesThe top management needs to come up with a quality policy that is widely understood by all the staff. Furthermore, it should be appropriate for the organization, while the method of communication chosen should reach out to stakeholders. Similarly, the success of quality policy depends on commitment and compliance with stipulated requirements, in conjunction with the drive to improve on quality management. Clearly, some staff members have no clue about the quality policy, and there is no conformance.If there is a nonconformance, what clause of the standard did it violate?The development of an appropriate quality management system is the duty of the management, and must be consistent with the QMS. Consistency with the QMS ensures that the quality policy is the thrust, which enables an organization to attain its objectives, and hence it is critical to come up with an appropriate policy before spelling out the objectives. The clauses violated under the ISO 9001-2008 include 4.1 a, which spells out that organizations need to identify processes necessary for a quality management system and how this would apply in the organization ( ISO 9001-2008). Nonetheless clause 5.3 specifically touches on quality policy, 5.3 b requires that there is compliance with requirements complimented by continuous improvement on...

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[Solved] QUIZ 3 Conforming or Nonconforming? [Solved] QUIZ 3 Conforming or Nonconforming?
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