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Quantity surveying SUR137 Ethical Constr Bus Management


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Quantity surveying SUR137 Ethical Constr Bus Management

You have recently been tasked by the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) to devise a business case for the most appropriate use of the University of Ulster’s Jordanstown Campus.  This is to be reported back to the Senate of the University in order for them to make the decision on the best way forward for the use of the site for all stakeholders concerned.


Your report should be approximately 4000 words in length and include drawings, plans and appendices as appropriate.


On behalf of the University of Ulster, SIB indicated that your proposal will be evaluated on the following key aspects.


  • Explanation of the concept/idea for the best use of the UUJ site and business justification.  (This should include drawings, maps and schematics as appropriate)


  • Identification and discussion of the impact upon the key stakeholders affected by the proposal. (Social impact analysis, Consider PESTLE analysis)


  • Analysis and interpretation of the key planning and infrastructure issues


  • Evaluation of your proposal in the context of the key government and industry strategies affecting or related to the project.


  • In-depth ethical review of the proposal in context.   

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