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Quality and Operations Management Systems


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Quality and Operations Management Systems

Quality and Operations Management Systems


QUALITY & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS øI will up load the instruction and my friend assignment from previous term and he got 39 of 40 actually am not finished yet read all the assignment but there is a penalty of plagiarism and I have to put in turn in and there is one question (2.5) which the writer did not complete the part 2 also he did not make update for some questions ( 2. 1) which related to the organization structure for the airport and some information about the airport. you can click on this and you will find the newest one http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/SACL/Management.html I attached the assignment and I high light red color many things which are taking from my friend assignment also about the task 3 he exactly wrote what my friend wrote there is no new ideas you guys can read my friend assignment and mine then you can realize is it same or not

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