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Qualitative Research Methods and Analyses


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Qualitative Research Methods and Analyses

Assessment Details

Summative Assessment

Your summative assessment is a Qualitative Research Report. This assessment is to demonstrate skills in qualitative research by gaining experience in generating and analysing interview data, presenting the analysis and synthesising the findings by applying them to current research and identifying potential avenues for future research.

Qualitative Research Report (QRR) (3,000 words)

You will be required to write a 3,000 word research report based on qualitative methods. Your research report will be constructed with the following sections, in this order: Abstract, Literature Review, Method, Analysis and Discussion.

You will be required to create an interview schedule and conduct and transcribe your own 15 minute semi-structured individual interview. You will also be provided with a section from another interview transcript that will only be supplied when you have completed an ethics quiz on Moodle. You will be coding and analysing the transcripts from your own interview and the supplied data set to produce themes for the analysis section of your research report. You may primarily use the supplied dataset for your report, but there must be evidence within your analysis of the interview you conducted. Only your created interview schedule and transcribed interview must be included in your appendices, but the supplied dataset should not be.

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