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Psychology Coursework Assignment: Self Analysis Paper


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Psychology Coursework Assignment: Self Analysis Paper

Psychology Coursework Assignment: Self Analysis Paper


Introduction (one paragraph) provide basic back grown information stating your name, ocupation and a brief description on your typology, Use information from the MBTI answer sheet to identify your typology and the strenght of the four dimensions 
Body (2-4 paragraph) now discussing the MBTI test whether you agree or disagree with the strength the strength of the preference. feel free to use personal examples and or cite some research you found that supports your idea.
Conclusion (one paragraph) based on the information you have learned how would you summarize this snapshot picture of yourself? Do you agree or disagree with your results. Can you identify some areas for self-improvement


Self-Analysis Paper Name Institution Self-Analysis Paper My name is Susan. I am a student. My typology as identified by MBTI answer sheet is Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging (ESFJ). The four dimensions above presents several strengths to my typology such as being generous. An individual in this category is liberal in giving and enjoys observing traditions. The individual also likes being in charge. In school students of this typology are the cheerleaders. ESFJs are also


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