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Propaganda Theory: spin doctoring and media management


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Propaganda Theory: spin doctoring and media management

Propaganda Theory: spin doctoring and media management

Write an essay researching the salient features and applicability of "Propaganda Theory" to a given media situation (spin doctoring and media management). The research paper should demonstrate I can: - Explain the theory - Apply the theory to a given media situation - Collect evidence through study of films/ video/ radio/ print/ advertising/ PR/ internet/ animation - Analyze the evidence collected to support your arguments - Summarize the key findings to give your conclusion - Number all headings Deliverables: Your paper must include the following: Honesty statement Introduction Main arguments/ hypothesis Evidence gathered through study of various mass media Analysis of this information gathered Conclusion and summary Bibliography (MLA list of the books, journals, websites used in the paper) Appendix (graphs, pictures, videos, film, print material, transcripts used as evidence). Important notes: - Please be aware of plagiarism because my school is very strict in its rules and they check the plagiarized papers using “Turnitin” software. - Try to use get the information from books more than websites and provide me with the PDF or the electronic copy of the book because my instructor could ask about the reference. - I want the references from 3 books and 4 websites - I am an Arabic speaker so try not use complicated language and make it as simple as you can. My IELTS score in writing is 5.5
How Propaganda Theory Apply to Spin Doctoring and Media Management:Outline:1.0 Abstract:2.0 Introduction2.1 Background information2.2Problem Statement2.3Literature Review3.0 Methodology4.0 Findings and Discussion.5.0 Conclusion.1.0 Abstract:In society today, media plays a very vital role in shaping peoples perceptions and reactions to any particular situation. Given that the broadcasting business has become so competitive, every media house would strive to position herself as the best speech and common interest champion in the industry. Aligning themselves to government and corporate organizations becomes their strategy to compete. This has therefore exposed the media to propagandists in society who aim to use the media to preach their hidden agendas and gain support of the public. This research was done to assess to what extend propaganda apply to spin doctoring and media management in society we live in today. It was established that this is a practice that has been on the increase with time and is associated with many societal conflicts globally. Most governments have harbored propaganda policies for both internal and external interests. This is likely to arise and go unnoticed in cases where private ownership of the media is allowed without any check and balances, (Klaehn 124).2.0 Introduction2.1 Back ground information.Propaganda as used in this research refers to a carefully designed way of relaying information to the public (i.e. mass communication) with an intention to sway or manipulate opinion or behavior of the target audience. Spin doctoring will be used in this paper to refer to the process by which the media present information or facts selectively to favor a particular position or situation. In society, spin doctoring and media propaganda have been used by public figures including politicians and other administrators to persuade the public to support their hidden agendas. It is this close correlation that informs our curiosity to know how the propaganda theory apply to the concept of spin doctoring and media management Thus this research was done to test the main hypothesis that Spin doctoring and media propaganda has been used over the years by Administrations to gain public support for their hidden agendas:2.2 Problem Statement:This research was done to test the main hypothesis, which is; ‘Spin doctoring and media propaganda has been used over the years by Administrations to gain public support for their hidden agendas`. Do people in society understand the core principle underlying colonialism, wars, domination and class struggle that continue to exist even in the advent of sophisticated education and technology? Such are the issues this research sort to address. It is interesting that humanity believe in withholding crucial information so as to mislead, misinform, manipulate and make it easy to dominate others who lacks the information. It is believed that the key to achieve and retain control does not lie with physical su...

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