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Prohibition of Marijuana Bibliography


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Prohibition of Marijuana Bibliography

Prohibition of Marijuana Bibliography


It doesn`t have to be 5 complete pages, it just has to be enough to complete the annotated bibliography. -- Side note -- If the links are not required in the annotated bibliography please remove them, I`m note sure if their required or not. I`ve attached two documents, one is the works cited you gave me before, and the other is what form my professor wants the annotated bibliography written.

Name:Institution:Course:Tutor:Date:Annotated Bibliography on Marijuana ProhibitionBeckett, Katherine & Herbert, Steve., The Consequences and Costs of Marijuana Prohibition. Web, December 6, 2013.Written by Katherine Beckett and Steve Herbert, this source argues that, increasing the cost of marijuana arrests may not help to attain the objectives of marijuana prohibition. The author explains that, in order to enhance marijuana prohibition laws in the US, arrests and imprisonments have been used. Moreover, the source gives a statistical analysis of the marijuana-related arrests in the US and the way marijuana prohibition law has been implemented in the various states of America. Besides, the author continues to argue that, decriminalizing marijuana may not significantly affect its use. The economic influence of marijuana prohibition is also considered in the source.This source will be used in the paper for the benefit of presenting a statistical analysis of the use of marijuana in the United States. Based on the argument presented by the author pertaining to how marijuana laws are implemented in the US, a discussion on the need for its illegalization will be made possible. Besides, based on the economic implication of marijuana prohibition, a discussion of whether the prohibition of marijuana is suitable for the United States will be enhanced.The two authors of this source are Associate Professors in the University of Washington, in departments of sociology and Geography respectively. Based on their academic and professional competencies, the source becomes more credible and scholarly.EarleyWine, Mitch., Pot Politics: Marijuana and the costs of prohibition, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2006. Print.This source discusses marijuana policy in the US. This involves the various marijuana laws passed in different states of America and how such laws have been implemented. Included also is the budgetary...

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