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Problems with Airline Capital Funding


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Problems with Airline Capital Funding

Problems with Airline Capital Funding

(1)Article summary should consist of name and publication the article review is taken from. (2)The articles must come from a related topic that is covered in the readings for the week. (3)The article summary must be at least one full page and provide a breakdown on the key elements being discussed in the document (Who, what, when, and why). (4)The article summary must include whether or not the reader agrees with the ideas being presented. Agreement or disagreement must be based on facts related to procedure or issue being discussed in the article. Article URL: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/09/19/3922417/air-transport-association-opposes.html
Problems with Airline Capital Funding (Article Critique)Name:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(22 September 2011) Problems with Airline Capital FundingThe article covered is “Air Transport Association Opposes President`s Proposed Aviation Taxes” by the Air Transport Association, published on Monday September 19, 2011. The article focuses on the proposals made by the president to impose on every flight a $100 departure tax and to add the passenger security tax up to three times the present amount. The Air Transport Association (ATA) is opposed to the moves and persuades lawmakers to reject the proposal on grounds that it will negatively impact on the economic recovery and create inconveniences to the airline companies, their employees and the customers.The President and CEO of ATA...

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