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Problem of authorship


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Problem of authorship

Problem of authorship

This assignment should also consider history of architecture by thinking through these topics: Avant‐Garde/ Modernism/Politics: redux ,Making the Tradition ofModernism: exhibitions,books, and polemics ,CIAM:Dissemination of Modernism ,Housing the Colonial Subject, Form/History/Rationalism ,Systems and Cybernetics, Program, Scale & Event Territory vs. Narrative ,Systems and Cybernetics.
Problem of authorship(Insert name)(Institutional affiliation)Problem of authorshipAn architect can be the author of a public space if the real author does not want credit from the public. , for instance, Shakespeare is thought of as being a private author who is used by various authors who want their identity to be hidden and do not want to be known to the general public (Lyons, 2003). There has been a conception that most of the works which are thought to have been authored by Shakespeare are not his own creations considering his humble background. He is said not to have the education and aristocratic sensibility tha...

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