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Primary Groups


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Primary Groups

Primary Groups

Topiсs of: Primapy Groups ( textbook of James M Henslin) 1. Identify three research sources that pertain to this topic. You may use journal articles or you may research internet or library sites. 2. Summarize the main points of each article, book or online source. 3. Define, discuss and apply any three specific sociological terms, concepts or theories to this topic. 4. Evaluate the source. Is the source value free? Does the source use empirical evidence? Are terms operationally defined? Is there evidence of ethnocentrism in the author`s approach? Does the sponsor or author of the article or source represent a vested interest? That is, do they represent a biased point of view? 5- please use A.P.A. style with double space. 6- Please use simple words . Instructions : Introduction :the purpose of the paper is to ....... the body of the paper . Conclusion: this paper`s purpose was to ...... and this paper covered ......
Primary groupNameUniversityDatePrimary groupThe purpose of this paper is to identify sources that pertain to primary groups and summarize the major points. The paper will also define, discuss and apply three specific sociological concepts to a primary group. An evaluation of the sources will also be carried out in this paper. Primary groups are classically small social groups. Members of primary groups share close, enduring, personal relationships. The groups are often marked by the concern of members for each other in shared culture and activities. Examples of primary groups include childhood friends, family members, and influential social groups (Williams, 1975).The source books used in this paper are value free and use empirical evidence to discuss the elements of primary groups and concepts of sociology. The sources have basically common ideas concerning primary groups. According to these sources, primary groups have a vital role in personal identity development. The groups enable members to exchange inherent items like caring, animosity, love, concern, and support among other implicit items. The sources have cited examples such as love relationships, church groups, family groups, and crisis support groups. Primary groups have defined goals and psyc...

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