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Political Science linking assignment (POSC 100)


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Political Science linking assignment (POSC 100)

Political Science linking assignment (POSC 100)

This paper requires 3 parts. I have finished part one, but i need part two and three. I am a foreigner in USA, so i would like my paper to have easy vocabulary words. In fixing the issue in part two, because i am a foreigner, i want to give an opinion if easier for the writer. I will send you the assignment and the part i wrote.
Xxxx xxxxxxPOSC 100 (or 391), Dr. WrightMay 23, 2013Linking Assignment 1I. 388 E Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA 90802II. U.S. Congressperson: Rep. Alan LowenthalA. District: 47B. Party affiliation: DemocratC. Length of service in this office: 2013-2015D. Previous work experience: Congressman Alan Lowenthal, taught Psychology at CSULB from 1969 till 1998. In 1992, he served six years for Long Beach City Council. In Sacramento, the Congressperson continued his leadership.III. California State Senator: Brown, Cheryl R.A. District: 47B. Party affiliation: DemocratC. Length of service in this office:She was elected November 6, 2012D. Previous work experience:In San Bernardino County she worked in a planning department. Later, she served 17 years on the County and City Planning Commissions. She was elected president of the California County Planning Commissioners Association during her time as a commissioner.IV. California State Assemblyperson: Bonnie LowenthalA. District: 70B. Party affiliation: DemocratC. Length of service in this office: December 1, 2008 – November 30, 2012D. Previous work experience:She brought to Sacramento decades of public service and a lifetime of experience. She served two terms on the Long Beach Unified School Board, where she fought for full inclusion, and helped Long Beach earn a national reputation as one of the country`s best urban school districts. She also served two terms on the City Council, where she made sure that the residents of her working-class district were as well represented at City Hall as residents of the city`s wealthiest neighborhoods.Linking Assignment 2 1 Rep Alan Lowethal, U.S Congress Person, District 47 * Issue # 1: Improving Education 1 My Views:I believe that improving education is the most important, and indispensable factor of development in any country. There are many divergent views on what improving education or improved education entails, and one fundamental way of capturing these voices is to bring them together in a harmonious legislation. Any effort to this extent by those mandated with the legislative authority should be encouraged. Legislation is one sure way of improving the quality of education. 2 Rep. Alan Lowethal`s stance on improving education * Public statement:Alan Lowethal`s passion on education is doubtless. He has been one of the first advocators of education improvement ...

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