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Policy Analysis. Criminal Justice Administration

Policy Analysis. Criminal Justice Administration

Policy Analysis

These are two different exercises, but both are related to Criminal Justice Administration. The first exercise is to read the article and answer the questions. The second exercise is to write the proposal and provide references for the paper due later. please use more sources if needed. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you. 

Exercise 1: 

After closely reading the research article assigned on police body-worn cameras, provide a written substantive critique of the article (I will upload the article). This should be approximately 1 page long and should include the following in your own words (do not use any direct quotations, paraphrase in your own words): 

• The research question the authors set out to ask/Purpose of their research
• The research they conducted to answer that question: Describe the methods used, sample and data collected, and analysis
• Summary of study findings. What did the authors find? And, what specifically is the answer to their question?
• Given what they found, what are the policy implications (suggestions, solutions, etc.) based on this research?
• A discussion of your take on this. Do you think this is convincing based on the research conducted? Why/why not?

Recommendations for future research. What research needs to be conducted so we can learn more about this topic that this research cannot answer and why is that important? Be sure to read the article in full. These pieces of information should be presented thoroughly enough that they do not come from the abstract. You do not need to cite throughout this assignment. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Work to paraphrase the points in your own words throughout the whole assignment. 

Exercise 2: 

Policy Analysis and Brief In this assignment you will learn through examining existing empirical research on a topic of interest in criminal justice administration. The final work consists of a short policy brief. This assignment will be submitted in three stages and requires a thorough review and analysis of the existing published research. You will then synthesize this review as a policy brief and present this to the class. Proposal and References The first part of this assignment is to write a statement of inquiry that presents a question you will answer in your final project by reviewing the research on a topic related to criminal justice policy/practice. For example, if you are interested in learning more about police use of force you might ask a question such as: “What is the relationship between a police department’s approach to use of force and community trust?” Or if you are interested in privatization of correctional facilities, you might ask: “Is there a difference in conditions of confinement in private and public correctional facilities?” The key to the paper is that you are examining what the research shows about how something “works” or “doesn’t” (and why) in the field of criminal justice. The assignment you submit first, must include the clear research question you will answer through your review of the published literature in your final project, a brief (1 pages, double-spaced) discussion of why you want to study this topic (i.e., why it matters in the field of criminal justice and to society more broadly), and a reference list of at least 6 scholarly, peer- reviewed articles on the topic in APA format). When you write about why you want to study this topic be sure to discuss its policy/practical relevance. Why is this a topic that should be studied and understood by those in positions of making decisions in criminal justice in the U.S.? Remember, this project will result in a policy brief written to policy makers.


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Policy Analysis. Criminal Justice Administration Policy Analysis. Criminal Justice Administration
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