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PICO Paper


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PICO Paper

You will use this paper to introduce the faculty to your PICO. There is a 10 page limit (do not go over 10 pages!) not including the title page and references.. Of course, APA formatting as well. Here are the major headings to cover:

Introduction and Background: This is your opportunity to build the case for why you are doing this project. Identify the issue and build a case for why it needs to be addressed. Identify gaps in the literature or the pressing concerns related to this issue/problem.

Initial PICO: What was your original PICO. Was is good enough or did you need to revise it? Why?

Revised PICO: Clearly and concisely identify each component of the PICO. This needs to be very carefully done. Make sure you are very specific, concise and measurable.

Rationale for changes: Why did you change your terms. How do the changes make the PICO stronger, more measurable?

Literature Search: Make sure you clearly articulate how you performed the literature search to include the terms and databases used in your search. How many hits, and how did you narrow your search terms for each iteration of the search. Once you have your list of articles, how did you filter the list to end with your final articles?

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