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Physical activity in Forest hills NY


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Physical activity in Forest hills NY

Physical activity in Forest hills NY

Please download The COMMUNITY HEALTH ATLAS NEW YORK 2010. In this assignment I need to concentrate on health issues related to the area of my study(physical activity) in my community borough QUEENS community FOREST HILLS zip 11375. ALL information-Data has to be strictly from ATLAS . TITLE: physical activity in forest hills (UHF CODEXXXX) Paragraph1 State my borough and community .... and summarize the demographics for the borough (p. 6 from ATLAS) The population (number of residents) Median household income, Describe IN% race/ethnicity, Poverty, Fair to poor self reported health status(Page10) Paragraph 2: Thoroughly describe all the data for the health issue(S) related to my area of study physical activity (page 11). Use the range provided in the map.IN conclusion( should be 1-1.5 pages) : Explain the findings for my neighborhood using THREE OF THE SOCIAL DETERMINATIONS OF HEALTH(social status, work, social support, stress, food transportation, housing,place,education, access to health services) P.S. Keep in mind forest hills is upper mid class community, but any way make your conclusion only according data from ATLAS. Thanks.
FOREST HILLSName:Institution: As part of an annual exercise the New York City conducts a health survey which is carried out through the telephone. Specifically the surveys are referred to as the community health surveys, which are carried out under the department of health and mental hygiene in the New York City. The survey has a wide range of focus, as it assesses the health of New Yorkers within the spectrum of risks associated with their behavioural factors and chronic diseases. Usually the questionnaires used have an average of 125 questions, all of which are categorized within several sections and among these sections is nutrition and physical activity, in borough Queens (New York City Health, 2010).In the 2010 survey, queens had a population of 2,230,722 persons. Out of this population, 39.7% were Non-Hispanic, 22.9% Asians, 27.5% Hispanic and 19.1% were Non-Hispanic Blacks. Within the span of 2006 and 2010, the population`s median household income was at $55,291. FOREST HILLS New York, when assessed on the poverty scale, during the 2010 survey, clocked medium poverty (New York City Health, 2010). This is a rating that has more than 10% but below 20% level of poverty. The number of Hispanics in the neighbourhood were 39.8%, Non-Hispanic Blacks stood at 3.7% and the Non-Hispanic Whites 60.3%. the number of adults that had reported fair to poor health status in Forest Hills were 19.6%, 9.1% had a record of suffering from depression at one time, while those that had mental conditions and had received medical care and counselling were 59.2% though the data on this section is not reliable. Out of the 59.2% that had mental conditions, 9.1% are the only ones that have been told that they are suffering from the conditions, while 59.2% is the number that has received treatment...

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