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Persuasive research essay

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Persuasive research essay

Persuasive research essay

I would like same writer. There is a thesis doc. It has four sentences, each of the sentence should be researched and collaborated to at least one page.
PERSUASIVE THESISSharlene G. MaduEnglish 1301 CompositionMr. Palmer(December 22, 2011) Persuasive ThesisLife is precious and should always be protected at all costs; this is why abortion should be abolished and made illegal globally. Life is also consecrated and even scientists have no way of creating it, it is a gift from God the Almighty and any attempts to eliminate a newborn contribute to unfairly eliminating an innocent life (Shah, & Ahman, 2009). It is a show of disrespect to human life since people decide to take away a life of an innocent child that is caught up in their irresponsibility`s. There should be no phrase like unwanted children since there are very many families that yearn to adopt a baby. Ladies should bear the children and give them out for adoption if they are not ready to cater for their needs (Stotland, 1998). In this way the sanctity of life is protected instead of killing and murdering in the name of abortion. Anyone who advocates for abortion does so to look civilized, but this is no civilization but an intentional approach to harm and kill innocent children without being punished. Such attempts should be evaded by making it illegal and ensuring that life is handled with the dignity and worthiness it deserves.Life begins at conception and when the sperm and embryo fuse life is initiated; this means that anyone advocating or having an abortion is an accomplice to murder or is committing murder. Life is sacred and the sanctity of life should be respected by illegalizing abortion. People should not argue that the baby is a form of mass during the first stages of pregnancy since it is through conception that the child is born (Smith, 1998). They argue that the fetus cannot independently exist without the mother and thus it is not alive; also it is attached to the mother through the umbilical cord and placenta hence it is not alive on its own. People should understand that this is a process of life forming and the fusing of the sperm and ovum already produces a human being that grows fully in the womb. Indeed it is morally and socially unacceptable; why use tax payers` money to fund a debatable activity that does not fabricate society positively (Tribe, 2008). It would not be right to teach children such values of abort...

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Persuasive research essay Persuasive research essay
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