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personal statement for a masters course

personal statement for a masters course

In this assignment, you are asked to prepare a personal statement for a master`s course of Maritime Law LLM. You have been provided with required detailed information below and are supposed to present a report accordingly. 

Course: Maritime Law LLM at University of Southampton

-Currently completed my third year of university studying law. During my final year, I have spent studying for my degree I have found the practical and theoretical application of law particularly fascinating and wish to further my studies to a postgraduate level, the area that most captivates me is Maritime Law.
-My interest in Marine law stems from legal side of saving life at sea. I have identified a shortfall in provision for refugees. During my second year of university I decided to arrange a charity night for displaced refugees from Kurdistan and Syria, I raised £8500 in total. This was when I decided to take on Maritime as an module as the legal perspective and the duty to save life at sea was an area that i wished to further research in.

volunteering legal – Currently an Advisor at the local Citizen Advice Bureau providing free legal advice to clients.
Worked at a Personal injury law firm for 3 months
completed – Crown Court Marshalling Scheme

At college i completed a two year business course in which i received Distinction, Distinction and Merit (AAB). I then enrolled on LLB Law, were i have now completed my third year. It was in the final year that i had choose Maritime Law as one of my optional modules, which i find fascinating and interesting, to that extent I wish to study further and at a higher level. Liability of the vessel, Marine Insurance, charter parties, bills of lading and EU Competition Law and its effect on the Maritime Industry are just some of the subjects that have been covered on this module and the ones I find particularly interesting. I am currently achieving marks in the field of (72), (64), (51) which currently gives me a projected mark of 2.1. Due to extenuating circumstances
I could not perform my best this year. I lost my vision in my right eye during my course at university this has affected my overall grades.

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personal statement for a masters course personal statement for a masters course
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Reviews: 5

A masterpiece of assignment by , written on 2020-03-12

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