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Personal Statement Assignment of Goals, Experience


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Personal Statement Assignment of Goals, Experience

Personal Statement Assignment of Goals, Experience


A strong personal statement demonstrating maturity, innate interest in biology, and sufficient research experience to be successful in graduate school. I will attach one email that I sent to one professor, This email has some details about my educational background and research experience. And I will also attach mt transcript to you and my CV to you. In this personal statement (statement of purpose), you need discuss why you wish to pursue the Phd degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. and the research interests (I will attach which research I want to do in my phd study). Focus on your long-term goals and how this academic program will complement these goals. Discuss the strengths of your academic and professional background.


Personal Statement My passion in Biology began when I was young. I had a deep desire in gaining deeper knowledge concerning the physiological processes involved in the growth and development of plants and animals around my compound. Later in life, I realized that I could get to do this much better by specializing as a biological researcher and help in disseminating knowledge concerning the importance of such small but fundamental aspects of life. In my quest to position myself into building the right foundation for my passion, I was lucky to qualify for a Professional Se


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