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Personal Development Matrix


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Personal Development Matrix

Personal Development Matrix

Hi, This is a resit course so please have a look at the attach file, It will explain what do I need in this coursework. I also Attach you an example to look at. Regards,
Current abilityPotential ApplicationsCore ConceptsSelf-management Competencies1. ValuesAccording to me, values are psychological objects that are intangible but real as any other object. In my daily life, I will be required to dedicate most of my life in pursuit of values. This can be demonstrated by showing loyalty and patriotism in the fight for freedom, equality and human rights during my lifetime Tito 2007) Values will be able to act as a guide to me. I will be required to make use of my current values for the benefit of my friends and families. For instance, if I have the value of truthfulness, I will be required to use this value in my relation with others. These include loyalty, reliability, honesty, generosity, trustworthy and sense of belonging to our families, friends and coworkers. Some of the physical values that a person may have include cleanliness, punctuality, orderliness and accuracy and physical perfection in whatever we do. If I have these abilities, I will be required to stick to them while if I lack them, I will be required to develop them (Marshall 1999).In my view, the areas of application of values are wide. If I have a value of punctuality, for instance I can use this value to be able to reach place of work in time. If I have the value of patriotism, I can use this value in safeguarding the welfare of my country and community. If I have the value of generosity I can use it for the benefit of my neighbors. Generally, values form the basic moral fabric of the society that in turn helps mould the societal setting and the basic unit: family.I can be able to achieve values by observing one`s environment and looking for what I can do best to solve problems in the environment. I will be expected to behave in a manner that encourages the development of values. This can be achieved by adapting the correct values (Marshall 1999).Interpersonal CompetenciesInfluence and PersuasionAccording to me, influence and persuasion is a quality that a person may have to convince other people to believe what they are saying, explaining or complaining about. This is a quality which is very important in our daily lives. It involves the ability to give and give. It also involves being confident with the few options that are available when a problem arises.Potential applications involve offering few choices in companies whenever problems arise. This reduces confusion and frustrations thus allowing decisions to be arrived at.Personally, I c...

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