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Persausive Speech


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Persausive Speech

Persausive Speech

I need to do a persausive speech on our second amendment rights. My introduction should briefly set the stage for the issue, touching on the components of both sides. At the end of the introduction, it is imperative that I write a thesis statement that clearly states what side you are choosing and makes a claim. I choose the side on our right to bear arms.A claim is only good if someone could actually disagree with it.I also need a conclusion. Remember to bring in emotional appeal, logic, reasoning, and other persuasive devices in this speech.
The second amendment Name Course Professor Date The second amendment The second amendment has proved to be quite a controversial one. Its interpretations can be purposely modified to mean different things. The second amendment gives individuals the right to bear and keep firearms for self protection. This has not been the case all along, the second amendment was initially interpreted as the rights of a state and not an individual to bear and keep arms (Bogus 1998). This includes militia units that used to form the state. This hassle between the right of the militia and individuals on gun ownership began back in 1939 in a court case of the U.S vs. Miller. This was swept under the carpet but finally cleared in 2008 in another court case involving District of Columbia vs. Heller (Finkelman 20...

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