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Peaceful End of Life Theory - nursing theory


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Peaceful End of Life Theory - nursing theory

Peaceful End of Life Theory - nursing theory

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Peaceful End of Life TheoryName:Professor:Course:Date:Peaceful End of Life TheoryPeaceful end of life theory was developed by nursing theorists Moore Shirley and Cornelia Ruland. They argued that, though death is inevitable, human kind should try to ease the pain that is associated with death of the loved one by approaching a method that will help to ease the pain and fear associated with death among family, patient and nurse during the dying process of the patient. They advocated for peaceful transition of human kind. The theory was developed to assert that nurses, patient, family members are integral to the conception of peaceful end of life. The theory advocated for emotional support, freedom from suffering, and treating with respect and empathy among patients with terminal illness. This theory was developed based on standard care which was created by some expert nurses with an aim of managing substantive care among the patient with terminal illness. For many decades this theory plays a significant role in promoting progressive outcomes during the dying process between the patients and their familiesCITATION Jul10 l 1033 (George, 2010).Different religions have different view of the end of life theory, for instance Christian advocate for peaceful dying process between the patients with terminal illness; they campaign for minimal pain during the dying process of the patients, they also provide nutritional needs and relaxing environment for the patient (Masters, 2012).The main concept of the peaceful- end of life theory is to provide a comfortable treatment to the patient and the families during the transition process of human being. Research carried out has shown that when families and patient have been informed on treatment modalities and the alternative option for treatment, their level of anxiety during dying process have been reported to decline as compared to the families and patient who are not ...

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