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Past and present education


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Past and present education

Past and present education

It`s assignment ,its compare between the past time and persent . i dont want any sources .(( may it help you. in persent we use the computer with help the teacher and student .. ---------------- i would like to have a nice introduction which not long , then first paragraph talk about the education in the past , the second paragraph talk about the education in the persent , the conclusion ..
A comparison of the Present and Past form of EducationName:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due:Introduction Education is the process of passing knowledge and skills to learners or students. These knowledge and skills are passed on to students by teachers, trainers, researching or even through their own experience. In general terms, education is aimed to shape one`s knowledge, feelings and behaviour.Education in the PastIn the past education systems, teachers and students relied on text books for their learning process. The teachers were responsible for assisting these students in their...

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