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Pascal Wager`s philosophy: Answer the questions


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Pascal Wager`s philosophy: Answer the questions

Pascal Wager`s philosophy: Answer the questions


Short Answer Questions: provide a one-paragraph response (about 5 sentences) to each of the following questions. Explain Pascal’s Wager and why it is supposed to provide a reason to believe that God exists. Provide two examples from Frankfurt’s article that show that moral responsibility does not require the Principle of Alternate Possibilities. What are some of the main differences between the views of Kant and Mill on the nature of morality?

PHILOSOPHY VIEWSName:Student number:Institution affiliation:Pascal Wager’s philosophyPascal’s philosophy explains God’s existence based on the consequences of believing or not believing in God. He does not use evidence to explain his opinion on God’s existence. Pascal tries to justify Christian faith in his thesis. He explains that if we believe or not believe in God we will lose nothing by doing so and in addition, it cost nothing. If we believe in God, we stand for a greater reward in heaven if God exists, and lose nothing if God does not exist. If we opt not to believe in God, we stand for eternal punishment if God does exist, and lose nonentity if God does not exist. He says that it is better to receive a great reward or lose nothing rather than a great punishment and lose nothing. In addition, it is cogent to believe in Christian God and unreaso...

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