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Paraphrase: Serene Words


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Paraphrase: Serene Words

Paraphrase: Serene Words

Paraphrase Assignment Your paraphrase must: • Be written in your own words. • Start with a clear identification of the type or work you are summarizing, the article`s author, page range, and the main point of the original article. • Be written in the present tense. • Condense the main ideas in the article into a shorter form than the original. • Omit your own ideas, opinions, and interpretations. • Write the complete biographic citation for the original article at the beginning of the paraphrase, in MLA format. *Note: if the article does not show an author`s name, substitute the name of the textbook in which you found the article for this piece of identification. Your summary be written in correct English. .5% will be deducted for each error in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and typing.
Name:Tutor:Course:Date:Serene WordsThis paraphrase is from the work of Gabriel Mistral who looks at love in different dimensions despite the difficulty one is facing         Gabriela Mistral At the moment, I glean in the middle of my days, this is reality that with a freshness of flower: life is the gold and with...

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