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Paper Abstract Assignment: Drayton Hall in South Carolina


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Paper Abstract Assignment: Drayton Hall in South Carolina

Paper Abstract Assignment: Drayton Hall in South Carolina


you must write a abstract for a argumentative research paper. the paper is about how old building techniques in the USA pre utilities era(no electricity, no gas) were fundamentally more sustainable because they had to be out of nesscisty and we need to bring these techniques back and adapt them for modern construction and assigning methods. the 2 buildings i want you to talk about as precedents of the old methods are: Drayton Hall of South Carolina for the building use and placement of windows for Temprature control, and the building assembly of the windows to create waterproofing(find scholarly source to back up these claims) Johnathan Fairbanks House in Deadham Massachusetts for its roof assembly and how waterproof it is( Find a Scholarly source to back up this claim) the gist of this paper is to outline old methods that were sustainable figure out why they become obsolete(cost,time,labor), and then potential ways to reintroduce these methods with the pitfalls being solved thank you


Paper Abstract Name Institution Date ABSTRACT Drayton Hall in South Carolina constructed in mid 18th century, and one of the features that make the building sustainable is that the widows are placed to control temperatures unlike other building in the area. The design takes into consideration temperature fluctuations with efforts to limit the changes, while conservation efforts have been made to limit moisture damage.One of proposed strategies to preserve


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