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Our justice system is way too slow for victims looking for closure


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Our justice system is way too slow for victims looking for closure

Our justice system is way too slow for victims looking for closure

This is an argument research essay on how "our justice system is way to slow for victims looking for closure". It must have a debatable thesis that you would like to prove. It must prove to the audience who happens to disagree with your position that my position is accurate and sould. clear, conscise, debatable thesis in the introduction, and there should be a topic sentence at the begining of every paragraph. Every topic sentence should clearly support the thesis. Also use specific textual quotations to support your claims and be sure to demonstrate analysis and fully explain the quotation`s relationship to the topic. 4 different sources and only 1 can be from the internet.
NameTutorInstitutionDateOur justice system is too slow for victims looking for closureThesis statementThe American Justice system has been subject to various debates, that a risen upon the manner in which it operates. Generally, the core business of the judiciary is to administer justice where it prevails. They do this by adjudicating of cases in an impartial and a transparent manner and in a way that both parties are satisfied (Abraham 77). Cases are taking too long for the accused to get verdict. Other individuals who are convicted of murder are staying for too long before justice can be done and this means that even the complainants will take long before they find justice. “This has been a bone in the flesh of many complainants and also many people who are innocently accused. It is very painful for someone to be accused for a wrong he did not commit or being mistaken” (Abraham 80). Many individuals, who are falsely accused, usually yearn for the day of the judgment, for justice to be done. However, “many innocent people are facing death sentences due to lack of evidence” (Gibney 149). The case may take several years only for the accused to be released due to lack of evidence and this means that his/her time has been wasted and he /she need compensation. Due to this, the paper seeks to establish why our justice system is taking too long to offer justice to those who need it. Many individuals have rotten in cells waiting for the judgment and finally they are released when they are too old and even some die when in the cells. When one dies in the cells, it means that justice has been denied. Others who are the complainant may die before justice is done due to time taken before the justice is done.Why our justice system is taking too long in administering justiceThere have been a high number of crimes in the recent past. There are an alarming number of individuals who are involved in crimes of different kinds of late ranging from robbery to cyber threats (Abraham 432). However, most youths are engaging in crimes due to peer pressure and high unemployment levels. For instance, in United States, incarceration rates are too high compared to any other country in the rest of the world. The courts are being faced with the problem of high concentration of cases and this means that judgment may take long to be administered as in the cases are too many and unless the number of judges is incre...

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