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Origins of Bipedal locomotion


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Origins of Bipedal locomotion

Origins of Bipedal locomotion

Dear Writer, The following points must be included in the critique: 1. Why was the study conducted, or why was the paper written? What gaps in knowledge or understanding was it intended to fill? 2. What hypotheses were tasted or what research was reviewed? 3. What are the results or conclusions? 4. Who do the results or conclusions shed light on broader issues? 5. What questions did the paper raised for you? 6. What potential methodological problems or flaws in reasoning did you notice? 7. What are some alternative interpretations of the results? 8. Other comets. Please make sure that the sentences are short, simple and direct. Thanks.
Running Header: Origins of Bipedal locomotionName:Course:Tutor:Date:IntroductionThis is an article on the origins of Bipedal locomotion and its way of evolution, mechanism of the form of locomotion in modern human. The issue in this study of how, when, why and to whom hominid bipedalism evolved in humans origins is fully obligate bipeds while apes do not have any type of specialized locomotion. Different locomotor modes have different environment situations that are suited to them (Darwin C. 1871). There are two characteristics of human walking cycle: Stance phase and Swing phase. Stance phase is when the legs are on the ground while Swin...

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