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Organizational ethics


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Organizational ethics

Organizational ethics

*****First, I will need an outline with a clear topic sentence, thesis, and outline of the paper.****** Research topic is Organizational Ethics
ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICS Name: Course: Professor Name: (July 25, 2012) Outline Introduction Overview of organizational ethics Ethical Theories Importance of Organizational Ethics Conclusion Organizational Ethics Introduction Organizations have continued to evolve over time, and globalization has led to the spread of organizational activities to most parts of the world. The core business of organizations has, however, remained the same despite the changes that have taken place. Various scandals involving major organizations have led to development of guidelines to govern the operation of organizations in different fields. Ethics, described as criteria that are used by organizations and individuals to manage behavior, have become a major part of these organizations. Although there are no ethical standards agreed upon, there are common grounds that most organizations pin their ethical codes. Organizational ethics is a subject that looks into ethics in organizations, the various theories that inform these guidelines and how these theories are applicable when an organization is faced with conflicting issues. This paper critically discusses organizational ethics. Overview of organizational ethics The core aim of all businesses is to make sure that shareholders get a return from the investments made in the company. To achieve this, employees with the best possible performance are hired by an organization. The interaction between employees, the management of the organization and outsiders becomes a norm for most employees as they are required to perform well in order for the organization to achieve its goals. Under the pressure, employees may act differently from what the organization may expect hence putting into disrepute the organization good will. To avoid such occurrences, it is sensible for the organization to develop guidelines that will ensure that employees always uphold the reputation of the organization. Furthermore, these guidelines ensure that employees do...

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